Gearsluts are a London based electronic/funk music duo consisting of DJ friends Wade Teo and Brad France. The name Gearsluts was given due to their quantity and love of old analog equipment, which they use in their productions to capture a vintage vibe.

The pair started working together in 2014 and have since worked with many established artists as well as other producer DJ’s in the UK and abroad. In the summer of 2016, the duo moved into F/H block at Ealing Studios and have completed several remixes in-house for various artists including Jem Cooke, Shystie, Marcela A and Bedheadz ft Stephanie McCourt to name a few.

Regular visitors to the Music Week Commercial charts, Gearsluts have achieved the following positions:

  • Jem Cooke - Catch You #8 commercial chart
  • Shystie - Wake Up #12 commercial chart
  • Bedheadz Feat.Laila Subratti - Who Needs Words #12 commercial chart
  • Bedheadz Feat. Stephanie McCourt - Love Is Calling # 13 commercial chart
  • Bedheadz Feat. Jem Cooke - Way Past Heaven  #10 commercial chart
  • Navin Kundra - Burning Slow #14 commercial chart